When we seek to "improve" something, the default is lineal detailed thinking within the framework of current design. We pick up a gas chainsaw and notice that it is heavy after a few hours, so we research which metal parts could be replaced with plastic, which parts could be made of thinner metal, and whether alloy could be used instead of steel. But we rarely think about a whole new paradigm: Battery-operated saws that are simultaneously 50% lighter, 85% less noisy, 90% less smelly, 40% less dangerous, 60% easier to manufacture and repair, 40% cheaper and can be run on renewable energy.

The paradigm of 10X Design steps outside the incremental to re-design the path by which form becomes 


  • An ongoing re-examination of all aspects of our lives.
  • Increased license to dream and create meaningfully.
  • To catch up to the changes in the larger ecology by speeding up 1000%.


  • Every area of our lives is designed by the ground up by three independent teams/individuals from the ground up with a goal of 10 times more value delivered per unit of energy spent.
  • Asking "why?" at deeper and deeper levels to re-member what value is aimed at by existing practices so we can chart a faster path to that value.
  • Looking at design at both small and large levels so that we understand which of our poor design choices are only "natural" because we are trying to relate to a deeply unhealthy cultural environment.
  • Create maps of value that start from the ground up:
  • Goal: More sustainable well-being.
  • Strategy: More healing thoughts.
  • Paradigm: Heart/mind/body balance.
  • Strategy: Beautiful architecture.
  • Increase involvement and engagement so that what is built has memory, biological connection and personal significance.
  • Everyone participates ​on an app to vote on each feature, and everyone can present ideas.
  • The features with the most emotional passion get built (opinions are paired with emotional passion using a 1-10 scale so that one person with 10 passion for an idea would see it leading over three people with a 3 out of 10 passion for another idea).

  • Nothing significant gets done without it going through a 10X Design Process:
  • ​​Define the end-value desired.
  • Define the current strategy.
  • Measure the current energy/time/money/resource expenditure.
  • Measure the amount of well-being generated by the status quo for all demographics.
  • Invite everyone to submit 10X ideas or whole plans:
  • All ideas must go through the same thought process: End value, strategy, estimated energy spent and projected human value based on what hypothesis.
  • Everyone votes on every idea they like using a 1-10 scale to register emotional intensity.
  • The ideas with the most intensity of desire are balanced with the ideas that rationally appear to bring the most value per unit invested, should these two measurements diverge.
  • The app used to measure/submit ideas will show the winners, which will be ratified by the community or group in a vote.
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