The power of 10 X Design as a paradigm is that it invites our imagination outside of the status quo. While it is reasonable to assume that any existing system can be refined to gain a 10, 20 or even 40% improvement, it requires a completely new model to move towards a 1000% improvement.

The measure of our models is sustainable human well-being. Sustainability boils down to energy consumption: Time, money, natural resources, anxiety, risk, attention and electricity are all forms of energy. If we can obtain ten times the sustainable well-being for the same energy or achieve the same level of human well-being for ten times less energy, this accomplishment is considered by us to be a 10 X Design, with existing models of living being the comparison.

Exercise: Pick an area of your life that you desire a major improvement. Take time to understand the root goal. Money is a symbol of potential well-being so the root goal is always some form of well-being for you or those you love, with a healthy planet being part of that well-being. Now re-design the system that acts to facilitate the exchange of well-being via a variety of pathways. Enjoy the moment and see how you can implement all or aspects of the ideas that allow you to generate ten times more well-being per unit of energy invested.