This is a Happiness Data project, a non-profit founded by Dane Rose to develop and distribute data with the goal of supporting individuals and groups seeking human well-being. This site's goal is to facilitate the forming of groups of 30-150 people in micro-cultures that bring ten times the value to participants per unit of energy consumed than the comparison group, and to make the design and protocols for doing so freely available.

The project has four waves:

  1. The development and refinement of design.
  2. Outreach and public engagement.
  3. Facilitating the effective formation of the first group of 30-150 people in a 10 X micro-culture that includes scientific data that can be used by others.
  4. Repeating and diversifying the process in a collaborative competition to see which of many groups co-creates the highest levels of well-being per unit of energy invested using sustainable metrics.