• Empower the group to make steady headway until we are ready to go on the land.
  • Create an order of behavior that is in bite-sized pieces.
  • Balance preparation and commitment so that we don't become driven by external commitments/money.
  • Balance practical resources, including time, money and land with mental/emotional resources necessary to creating a 10X community.


  • Develop the design recipe first: Complete the 10x Website.
  • Pursue donations and good-will funding from ourselves:
  • Dane will contribute $15,000.
  • As people show interest they can contribute $4,000. or more.
  • Develop the application that can drive well-being:
  • Dane will develop the app Design.
  • Dane will hire a graphic designer to work on the concept.
  • Devang will find an app team to build it or we will recruit/train one.
  • We will test it out on ourselves and refine it.
  • We will make it freely available as a core app with paid additions and ask for gifts.
  • Build a community of 30-50 highly committed people to begin:
  • Promote the app on youtube channels and videos.
  • Promote the community at Burning Man.
  • Seek 10 elderly retirees to care for and serve that are committed.
  • Raise $500,000-$700,000. within the community -maybe more.
  • Seek a seven year $1.3 million donation or low-interest loan, secured to land improvement.
  • Find a specific location as cost-effectively as possible.
  • Move 5-20 people onto the land in initial camping¬†
  • Partner with people and groups to transform the land.
  • Secure grants to refine protocols for settling and building a non-profit.


  • The app picks who is and is not ready using a score algorhythm with a minimum threshold.
  • Anyone can join who meets all criteria:
  • Financial.
  • Healthy.
  • Mental/emotional preparation.
  • Choosing a role and preparing for it.
  • An initiation ritual.
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