Vote: Pro-Animals

Values: Teaching, Empathy, Sensitivity, Abundance

Awareness: A feeling of cozy love, of secure need, of safe possessiveness and playful affection without censure is lacking in 98% of public culture. Yet these feelings are beautiful to experience. 

Strategy: By having a ratio of roughly one animal to four people, including a mix of animals, every child, minority, or person who does not fit easily into the fabric of the community will in those times have an abundance of affection. Second, by having a mix of at least four animals with different temperaments, every person will learn the differences within an individual and that this applies to both people and nature and to parts in themselves. 


  • The entire land area is fenced, providing a boundary of protection and containment for animals and children that facilitates more freedom inside the land area.
  • People are encouraged to adopt animals up to a ratio of one animal to three people in a mindset of bringing a gift to the community.
  • The first area to look is shelter-animals.
  • Animals are fed communally (scraps etc.) and a single individual is responsible for each animal to insure that individual animal needs are met (a special diet, medicine, etc.)
  • Animals that die are buried in a beautiful garden and become garden fertilizer - a sacred place that may or may not link to the individual burial garden.
  • The app features each animal in the community, it's needs, it's situation, care and it's owner. Each animal has a QR code or similar device to bring up this information.
  • Dogs are particularly encouraged but individuals are encouraged to bring the animals that will heal the most.
  • A training protocol that minimizes barking in the community and encourages bonding/affection.
  • Taking care of animals when neighboring community members travel is one source of community service and creates value/currency.
  • Training animals to participate in the community is a key role that anyone can step into and define success as a cohesive and healthy animal experience. 
  • Allergy reduction can be encouraged by: Eliminating allergic foods, practicing hypnosis, and having some areas be free of animals including dining and bathing. 
  • The community may wish to train and facilitate not only "healing environments" but specific animals for "healing" to be shared with the community.
  • Research on the healing nature of animals can be tracked by the well-being app.
  • The app well-being diary assessment will track the well-being generated in the process of relating to an animal to understand their role. This information will be published.

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