We are part of the fabric of all that is. As much as we shape our world, the billion year ecological program that gave birth to animals, plants and soil also gave rise to human beings, and with it our conscious minds. Our Western minds are some of the most dissociated minds, culturally programmed to emphasize our distinctness as individuals in culture, as separate from everything else. It is this illusion of separation that gives rise to the illusion that somehow, nature made a mistake when she created humans or us in particular. Blessing is the process of re-establishing the relationship between us and our sense of what is beautiful, true and good - of what is sacred and worthy of sacrifice in the journey from dependent helplessness in childhood to someone willing and able to serve in the dawning and dissemination of transcendent human consciousness.


  • Cultivate presence.
  • Cultivate gratitude and recognition of our divine potential.
  • Heal the broken relationships between the dissociated Western thought architecture and the truth of our ecological connection to each other and our planet.


  • Define and honor threshold moments in every member of the community's life.
  • Define and honor threshold moments in the development of the community in it's growth towards potential.
  • Practice the science of blessing and being blessed: Giving and receiving the message: "I bless you. You are blessed. You are a blessing. We are blessed by you."
  • A yearly assessment of blessing protocols is made and any changes that need to be made are made and voted on via the app.
  • The app tracks the positive and negative impact of all blessing protocols in the community.


  • A blessing is offered when the community is born.
  • A blessing is offered when each child is born by each person in the community.
  • A blessing is received by each child's birth in the question: "What comes through your innocence to bless me from the world before time?"
  • A blessing is offered any time someone feels spontaneously moved to bless.
  • An initiation into the right of blessing is offered to each community member as they enter the community that includes the statement: "I bless you and your right to bless others in whom you see a spark of divinity in the way that feels right to you."
  • A blessing is offered at every meal by someone who nominates themselves to give a blessing.
  • A blessing is offered to a child who is initiated into adulthood.
  • A blessing is offered to a couple who enters a state of committed love.
  • A blessing is offered and received at every dying ceremony.
  • A blessing is offered for the earth at every solstice and equinox.
  • A blessing is offered every year for the new year.
  • A blessing is offered on every new home or building that is built.
  • A blessing is offered on each new project of significance to the community.
  • The purpose and protocol of blessing is not dogmatic, but transcendent:
  • There is faith in a reality that is bigger than the reality we are capable of comprehending.
  • There is faith in the beauty and love that is bigger than we can comprehend.
  • There is an awareness that the shadows we experience are created by the objects in our mind and language.
  • There is an intention to open to and honor that which is bigger than the conscious human mind, making room for it's presence, energy and vitality to touch and change us.
  • There is a blessing offered to honor every trauma and crisis, and to invite in post-traumatic growth with it's gifts.
  • The well-being generated by the blessing is honored on the app by each person touched by the opportunity to bless and the experience of being blessed.
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