There could be a version of community without children. However, the fullest expression of community includes a pairing of the very old and very young in a safe, familiar environment. With that in mind, here are design notes.


  • Insure a level of physical and social safety that allow children to explore and stretch and take risks without causing safety-related stress to parents.
  • To prepare each child to be uncommonly valuable to the species measured by well-being generated per person either in community or the larger world.
  • To give each child the confidence through repeated experience in their ability to survive, grow, learn, have good relationships and create the life that speaks to them at a soul-level.


  • The community honors them at birth.
  • The community welcomes each child when they arrive in the community.
  • Boundaries are clearly defined for children, as well as their reasons.
  • At age five or upon arrival in the community each child is "seen" through the eyes of the community in an active process to identify through the app four strengths within the child based in part on how they light up inside and competencies.
  • Building on those abilities, the community asks itself what roles those abilities could play in bringing well-being to the community and creates opportunities to do so.
  • Children are encouraged to engage in a protocol where four hours a day they learn and the community supports them in growing, four hours a day they learn skills by participating in the running of community and the remaining time is free time.
  • Younger children and older residents in the community are paired as a form of internal day-care.


  • The app is used to help everyone who sees the child articulate what they see, with a "me too" vote optional so that the core pattern emerges.
  • There is a question in this region of the app: "How could these skills/gifts most contribute to the planet, and more directly the community?"
  • This question is also answered and voted on by the community.
  • As the child reaches the age of seven, they are included verbally in the conversation and able to read and respond to the app where people share what they see about the child.
  • A child by the age of 10-15 is offered a chance to be seen in a group circle and speak their voice.
  • The education module in the app guides children through a series of meaningful experiences by the age of fourteen:
    • Watching a water- birth and learning about birth.
    • Learning to cook, bake and take care of diet.
    • Learning CPR.
    • Learning to grow organic food.
    • Learning to process human sewage into organic fertilizer.
    • Learning to filter water.
    • Learning to build a small house and use tools.
    • Learning to sit with the dying.
    • Learning to be present.
    • Work with creating value and money through value:
      • Selling a service.
      • Creating a product.
      • Re-selling and re-packaging a product to add more value.
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