• To make unconscious energy conscious so it can be worked with.
  • To create inclusiveness for all faces of the psyche.
  • To teach and learn the ritual of asking for help and supporting each other.


In our typical American culture individuals experience a wide range of thoughts, feelings, impulses
and questions that stay silent and are repressed because no space for them has been allowed. Someone might be sitting in a dining room and wishing that a difficult thing was talked about openly, rather than everyone thinking about it alone and in anxiety. Someone else might feel completely isolated and invisible, while a third person might be angry and want to express that anger in the group so they can feel seen. This energy saps a group in two ways: 

  • When someone has a "charge" on a topic it is a form of energy that needs to be given back to the group to revitalize the group field.
  • When someone in the group does not release the energy stuck inside them and instead spends energy to repress it, their energy is being taken out of the group to divide themselves.

Energy, by it's nature, is alive and spontaneous in flow. The more that flow is diverted, the more energy it takes to do so and the more unconsciousness emerges.


  • Anyone who notices there is an unresolved energy and is alone can press the "circling" icon on the app, which brings up a dialog:
    • How urgent?
    • How many people need be in the circle?
    • Can it be anyone or do you want specific people?
    • Preferred location.
  • Anyone with a device will get an alert and can respond until the circle is filled.
  • When the circle forms, the initiator will state how they want the circle held (listen silently, wrestle with me etc.) and what type of energy is there.
  • When the circle agrees (having stated any boundaries), the energy is flowed into the circle ("circle" being a metaphor for "space" held and not an actual shape, but it can be a shape).
  • Each person in the circle then leaves after the circle.
  • Circling is prioritized in the group, knowing that anyone who has stuck energy may remain stuck until they return and that every circling ritual grows trust, community, intimacy and vitality.
  • The same protocol occurs if the circling exercise takes place in a group setting, such as the dining room during a meal:
    • The person calls out "circling" and their left hand shows 1,2,3,4 or 5 fingers to indicate how urgent the need is (5 is very urgent) while the right hand shows how many people are needed and opens and closes if more than 5 are needed.
    • When the circle forms in the nearest open space, there is easy signage in all spaces that can alert others that a circling is in process and whether they can join or if it is private once begun.
    • The circling takes place as above.
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