• A lake and bathing areas are hooked up to a fire pump.
  • Either a well or water-mains is maintained as a secondary source. 
  • A drone camera and/or mounted pole camera can bring real-time images to the common areas of the community via screens.
  • Emergency fire hoses and a grid of 2" PVC pipes run every 100 meters over the entire property.
  • An additional layer of fire-suppressant sprinklers can keep a forest damp or put out a fire.
  • A large semi-buried container of 100,000 gallons can be constructed to create further backup.


  • As soon as anyone sees a fire they punch the emergency button on the app, capture the data, and submit.
  • Every individual is given a yearly lesson in safety that includes a physical demonstration of unrolling a hose, turning on a nozzle, pressing the app button to create physical memory.
  • Every individual learns to distinguish different kinds of fire and how to respond.
  • A fire evacuation protocol asks everyone to communicate that they are safe and unharmed by getting a question on the app and saying "I am safe in X location."
  • The GPSandcalenders of all members open up in response to a key emergency so everyone can verify safety.
  • A fire extinguisher of appropriate size is kept in every vehicle, every home, every kitchen and every public area.
  • Fire-retardant gear is kept on site where anyone can access it, including masks to protect against smoke.


All physical violence that is initiated reflects a mental/emotional violation that has not been honored. It is important to understand that violence is a disease: when one person violates another person without healing the violation, particularly of things sacred, then the violation will spread to communicate the underlying disease: the apathy and complicity of a culture in which violation is tolerated without repair. It is essential to understand that violation, unhealed, will spread. It is just a matter of when, where and how. It will spread because it is intolerable for an individual to hold a chronic violation that is ignored by others in the message: "you are not worth protecting." If this is not healed, then the "you are not worth it message" will flow out to others, since it creates pain in the person who feels "less valuable" to honor another more than themselves.


  • Due to the extensive efforts to spend 1000% more energy than the broader culture on emotional literacy, rituals of honor and self-expression it is estimated that physical violence within the community will be 1000% less. It's important to note that the data will show whether or not the "emotional literacy" is actually working.
  • Any time anyone sees a disaster forming (the facial and body expressions that people use when they are pretending to be rational and objective while filled with pain and a trauma-coping mechanism) anyone can press the "panic" button on the app, share data and ask for a circle.
  • When support arrives all people will be asked to participate in the circle - in which hatredhelplessness and rage can be witnessed as it moves it's way back to empowerment, value, honor and being respected.
  • At the beginning of the community all people share their story, with bio-feedback noting the areas in their life/unconscious where they have charges conducive to violence. These are focused on for healing and the community is alerted to read these charged areas prior to engaging.
  • Another important protocol is the camera, which will be brought to bear as quickly as possible in any violent situation so that people will be responsible later.
  • Guns are not allowed in the community.
  • An entire culture around romantic relationships exists to honor the intense feelings and chemicals involved.

Protocols for responding to violence:

  • Press the "panic" button and state "violence" to bring people to the area.
  • A circle is formed quickly about 20' in diameter around the incident.
  • Immediate help is given to remove the aggressor - particularly when the aggressor is an adult towards a child.
  • Filming of the incident occurs and all members consent to being recorded before entering the community.
  • The circle will hum/ lock arms and focus energy on containing the wound.
  • The people will be separated as quickly as possible into two circles that are not personal.
  • "What do you need to be safe and know you are safe now?" is a key question."
  • Physical touching is invited and supported if welcome.
  • If a crime and if one or both does not want to peacefully resolve it, the police in the area are given all the evidence and asked to follow the law.

Repairing Violence, Trauma and Distrust:

  • First the aggressor is supported, cared for, and helped to understand their original wound - what they are passing on.
  • Next, they are given support to pass through the void and come back into their body as a protector of their wounded self.
  • This process is filmed for the victim, who is kept abreast of the issue.
  • The victim is simultaneously separated, encircled, and ongoing asks for what they want through the app and a trauma support-team of five people give them as much support as possible.
  • A circle of support is assigned to the trauma until such time as both people consider they have created post-traumatic growth.
  • The issue is monitored on the app in a "simmering tensions" area in which the complete history is tracked as well as the progression of the disease throughout the community.
  • Trauma survivors become teachers and participate in scientific research.


In areas where earthquakes are present and common, these principles and protocols apply.


  • Preventing unnecessary harm during an earthquake.
  • Insuring comfort and some days of independence from outside infrastructures during an earthquake.


  • As the community is built, all core basic needs should be available off the grid: Enough electricity generated from battery, solar and wind to sustain all emergency needs.
  • Atwo-weeks supply of emergency rations can be kept in earthquake proof storage to support the community.
  • A satellite internet connection at lowband-width can be maintained so that between land-line cable, cell phone, phone line and satellite communication remains active.
  • All homes and community structures will be designed to weather an earthquake with minimal damage.
  • The role of emergency prevention will be filled within the community to monitor the readiness of the community and report on that, as well as ask for help as needed and this status will be in the app.
  • Every person will have a yearly review of what to do in the event of an earthquake.


  • An earthquake protocol will be developed for the community that makes sense for the community.
  • In the event of an earthquake the emergency announcement on the app will go into effect with instructions.
  • The earthquake response person will keep the community updated.
  • Everyone will act to repair damage, in order of priority, until every community member is safe with this taking precedence over jobs/money outside the community in most cases.

Technological Meltdown and Terrorism:

Context: As the world becomes increasingly inter-connected, terrorism, warfare and 
unwelcome influence is shifting towards attacks on the computer programs and computers that govern well-being and thought around the world. This is a vulnerability that must be anticipated, understood and responded to.


The community stays functional at all levels in the event banks are closed, the internet experiences a glitch, a given company is hacked etc.


  • Redundancy, such that a virus that attacks android can be avoided by using IOS or another plan.
  • All essential water and electrical needs are met off-line: A single electric car, internet, basic electricity are generated with easy switching to the emergency system.
  • Core medicine that keeps well should be stored with six week quantities.
  • Someone in the community has a role of attending to this strategy and updating the community.
  • An emergency announcement system is in place over loud-speakers within the community if phones are not working.
  • Servers for the community app and data are protected by a firewall and have a back-up in the cloud.
  • A yearly presentation can help members stay safe.
  • All viruses or suspicious activity can be investigated by someone in the community.
  • All community devices are regularly cleaned of all viruses with instant support on hand and a loner gadget so someone does not experience down-time.
  • When possible, using a less common supplier or carrier (the dominant carrier is usually attacked first).
  • An emergency fund that meets all survival needs in the community for three months is stored in four different ways: 

  • Bitcoin 15%
  • Paypal 5%
  • A stable bank: 64%
  • Cash in three different safes on site: 6%

  • In the event of a cyber attack, anyone can report an issue instantly on the emergency channel.
  • A community wide alert can go out if anything is serious.
  • Clear protocols for what to do in what kind of situation can be designed in advance so everyone knows and can look up the protocol.
  • Individuals are encouraged to maintain access to $500. in personal cash in a safe place.


Considering the low risk of nuclear war, the following steps are considered well above average:


  • Potassium Iodide tablets are kept on site for all.
  • Fire prevention masks double as radiation masks.
  • Anyone who wants one can buy more than the twenty masks kept on site in their personal space.
  • A workshop touches on this for 10-30 minutes each year so we are more aware.

Epidemic Virus:

This is considered by many to be the most likely source of mass death. 


  • A partition so that if the broader population carries an infectious disease the community can stay disengaged for up to three months as vaccines and medicine are developed.
  • The ability to detect on-site any symptoms and screen for disease.
  • The ability to treat/isolate a contagious outbreak on the community.


  • The destruction/isolation of animals that pose a threat to the community health.
  • Basic screening of fever/symptoms for any visitors in the check in process.
  • Alert's sent out on the app to look for specific symptoms and report any symptoms.
  • Provide an independent source of safe food on site for six weeks.
  • Grow organic vegetables and fruits on site to meet at least 40% of the food needs.
  • Have either a sterilizer or tester of outside food/bodies.
  • One person has a primary role of looking out for community health along these lines and presenting to the community monthly.
  • Any long-storing medicine that can be kept on site is kept on site.
  • An isolation area for up to 10 people is ready to be enacted. This could be an emergency tent or some other method that allows sick members of the community to stay on the community and receive care.


  • Any symptoms that seem threatening or are unknown are reported on the app, which can track patterns.
  • Any known threats in the region get communicated via the app.
  • If the threat is serious the community safety team can mandate that no one comes on to the community who does not go through a screening process.
  • Anyone with a contagious disease has this listed on their profile until it is healed, which every community member has access to.
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