Outer space is boundless in all practical terms. It requires enormous energy to explore as well as significant time. Inner space, by contrast, is both timeless and takes very little material energy to explore.

Much of the dogma of materialism is that only things that can be seen and heard and felt through the physical senses 
is real, thus perpetuating the chauvinism of over-valuing what is masculine, or yang, and undervaluing the feminine, or yin. Yang is outer space. Yin is inner space.

There is an important counter-argument that any scientist observes: In the triad of feelings, thoughts and physical sensations that together make up the human experience, 
two thirds of our experience of reality is our thoughts and feelings, including our imagination. When we step over the hurdle of materialism to honor imagination, thinking and feeling as the inner realities and gateways to inner dimensions, we can realize the elegance of inner space relative to outer space.

Take going to Mars as a species. It will consume well over one trillion dollars and 
a great deal of natural resources simply to create a relatively crude and confined physical reality. If one limits oneself to pure materialism, the landscape will be more monotonous, the commute will take months and the same mediocrity of TV will be the fruits of their trillion in investment as it is here. The food will taste a little less delicious if anything and... well you get the idea.

Inner space, on the other hand, is rich and plentiful in many ways for free. Representing literally 
two thirds of the human experience, our thoughts, feelings and imagination can provide new species of plants, new dishes, adventures, art and inspiration that we will never see in physical form after a million years of outer space travel. Inner space conserves both the body of the earth and our own body, going on journeys when we are the most relaxed. One way to look at inner space is to see it as a preview of possible realities that take literally one hundredth of the time to build in inner space than they do in outer space. This provides several benefits: the opportunity to explore one hundred inner experiences for each experience we choose to act to create means a strong sense of variety, a chance to choose what is most important to us, and also a chance to trouble-shoot problems cheaply in imagination so as to create a more rich outer world.

Every thing humans have created, from cell-phones to hybrid roses, from planes to wedding gowns was once in someone's inner world. It was then transformed into the much denser form of outer world. Whether through books, dreams, psychedelic visions, meditations or day-dreams, most people are affected by their thoughts and feelings more than they are affected by the color of the walls around them, the clothes they are wearing or the country they are in.


  • Create as much human well-being as possible from inner worlds, understanding that this is a hundred times more energy efficient than changing the outer world.
  • Breaking down the chauvinism that dismisses thoughts and feelings as less important than actions.
  • Researching and sharing ways to create massive amounts of human well-being in inner space, bringing the best of this into the outer world.


  • Have a dream-module in the community app.
  • Have a psychedelic module in the community app.
  • Have a presentation at least once a month on inner-space technologies.
  • Have an idea-log in the app for any fun ideas to be recorded and shared/voted on.
  • Have art-set ups and areas where anyone can go any time in the community and fiddle around artistically in common land.
  • Encourage dreaming/visioning/reinventing the community and sharing this in the ideas log.
  • Honoring the person yearly who brought an idea into reality that brought the most well-being to others.
  • Having a meditation led every morning to explore altered states.
  • Have someone in the community shepherding, tending and growing "inner space" within the community who asks questions and talks to each person about their inner world.
  • Have a poetry and story time each night where anyone who writes a story, a poem or wants to share a vision they had can nominate themselves to speak - where children can listen.
  • It is emphasized that inner space is vast and many technologies exist that we have not yet explored.


  • Individuals are prompted and invited in all areas of inner space via the app.
  • A yearly and quarterly assessment is made of the progress each member has made in inner-space development.
  • The amount of well-being coming from inner space and coming from outer space is tracked so we know how much to emphasize it.
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