One of the purposes that give meaning and significance to a group of 100 people seeking to create wholeness is the goal of sharing the things that work and do not work with others, so that the technology gained is captured and can be integrated in effective ways by others.


  • To add motivation and perspective to our day as each community member.
  • To deepen what we are learning by embodying the ritual of witnessing and sharing that learning in words.
  • To support our planet in the ritual of embodying 10X life.


  • Every community member keeps a record, meta-data or otherwise, of the key metrics of well-being.
  • Everyone is encouraged to witness others through various media.
  • A monthly video is assembled of the significant moments in the community.
  • All data is captured and stored in various formats, respecting individual choices around privacy, for sharing with the larger world.
  • A yearly world-update is created to friends and partners to help the community grow and more communities start.
  • A dedicated chronicler is present among the community.


  • Everyone agrees to and enters key well-being input daily, with more extensive input entered weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly, which is stored for trend-gathering on the app.
  • All relevant data for others to build a great community is made available online, accessed with varying degrees of partnering to support community growth.
  • The process of record-keeping is funded by outside sources who want to grow community.
  • Trends are talked about in each monthly community meeting:
  • Levels of apathy vs. engagement.
  • Levels of growth.
  • Levels of trust and good will.
  • Levels of safety.
  • Levels of love and vitality.
  • Levels of pride.
  • Levels of healing.
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