The consumption of media shapes our mental bodies. A source of fracture in many modern relationships is that each individual is living in a personal world of unique media, such that it is 1000 to 1 unlikely that two neighbors or co-workers will have read the same articles, watched the same movies, attended the same lectures and read the same books. Media shapes the mind and it's an important thing to be conscious of.

1) That media lead to well-being personally and communally.
2) That significant media experiences have a group container through which to be discussed.
3) That media consumption be conscious.

  • A media channel is created for the community that every person can add to as follows:
    • The app outlines five sub-channels of media:
      • Photos
      • Locations
      • Writing online and writing in books
      • Video and movie
      • Audio
    • Anyone in the community can add any piece of media to any of these five channels if it ranks 7-10 on a 1-10 scale of significance.
    • The media channel is divided into three groupings:
      • Enjoyment
      • Things to consider that might possibly lead to community well-being
      • Important media related to something a community member believes can benefit the community
    • Thus, when adding a piece of media to the community channel, a person selects the category of media and the nature of media and can also personally select people in the community they want to watch that media, leading to a request for acknowledgment.
    • At the end of each media consumed, people are encouraged to respond in some way to be visible on how that media impacted them.
    • Media can be up-voted and the most up-voted media will make it to the top of the media channel in each category.
    • A history of all recommended media stays present.
  • One role in the community is to insure that there is both a book library and a film room with access to the video media nominated by members.
  • What is played daily in the community theater is two products:
    • The most up-voted relevant to community well-being.
    • The most up-voted relevant to entertainment.
    • A third video can be played by anyone who feels passionate about it and lists it.
  • On the app there is a record of all media consumed by each person who watches/reads it and a 1-10 scale of how much that media resonated with them, allowing anyone in the community to broach a topic about the media by first consuming the media, then seeing who in the community related to it 8,9 or 10 out of 10 will allow individuals to bring up the subject at community meals for discussion.
  • Certain ideas within books/media can be extracted to be voted on as follows:
    • Media source is cited.
    • The idea is clearly articulated.
    • The cost/benefit analysis of the idea is presented.
    • The decision to be voted on is presented, along with a time-frame for the vote.
    • Different types of votes require different amounts of majority to be acted on and that is spelled out. "Let's say grace before every meal as a group" might require 100% "yes" in one form or another, while "let's watch this movie tonight" might require 51% majority and "let's have a new high speed internet account" might require 70% majority or that it be done only when actions that have higher voting percentages are done first. This formula will be agreed as a group and programmed into the app with a goal being that media be integrated and acted on.

For more thoughts on engaging productively with media watch:
The media we share bonds us together with shared purpose and context. What follows are media titles that can be added to which draw attention to key areas relating to creating a conscious and informed 10X community culture.
Healthy Parenting
Understand-ing Trauma
Healthy Romance
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Creating Cashflow for Community Members
Diagnosing Western Cultural Disease
Healing Conscious-ness with Molecules



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  2. Let's talk about dying
  3. Dying to be me!
  4. What's Wrong with Dying?
  5. I See Dead People: Dreams and Visions of the Dying
  6. Lessons from the Dying
  7. A burial practice that nourishes the planet




  1. Future Thinking - 10X Is Easier Than 2X


  1. Educational problems


Psychedelic Safety
(YouTube Channel)
  1. Five hours of pure Mckenna