Purpose: The purpose of money is to conveniently track value generated by members of the community in a fluid manner that facilitates well-being.

Goals relating to money:

  • To track all flows of money and value within the community clearly in a block-chain format that allows an app to track patterns of value.
  • To make flows of value easy, conscious and balanced.
  • To eliminate invisible default on agreements.
  • To spend money, time and resources based on the principle of scientific well-being: on the things that will bring the most value to the community and individual over time.
  • To insure that all things more efficiently produced outside the community can be purchased as needed to induce high levels of well-being.
  • That each individual contribute five or more times the value that they take away.


  • Reduce the need for money wherever possible by investing in sustainable and independent methods of creating well-being (solar over ongoing power bills, for example; smaller personal dwellings etc.).
  • Have a community currency that converts using an app with an exchange rate that fluctuates.
  • All community visitors buy currency on the community.
  • Money is encouraged to circulate in the community in the form of:
  • Community investment.
  • Individual loans.
  • Security for outside loans.
  • Donations. 
As value is created and transferred in the community, based upon the well-being generated, members can receive the symbol of that value in currency, which can be bought by visitors and then outside money is spent outside.
All value agreements are made on the app in the moment using contract templates that clarify all terms:
  • The amount loaned, invested etc.
  • The agreed due date.
  • The agreed penalty.
  • The history of each person (credit rating) of interactions in the community.
  • If there is a security back-up plan.
  • Interest rate if any.
  • How renegotiation takes place.

  • QR codes and numbers allow instant pull-up of two people for a financial transaction.
  • Visitors are given a QR code to enter the community and all purchases and interactions are linked to a credit card or cash.
  • Vendors in the outside world can be paid in local currency: meals etc. and are issued an account.
  • In any transaction it is prioritized by the vendor so it does not have to initiate a contract unless it is a verbal contract.
  • No contracts can be formed/submitted unless both people agree to all points prior to the exchange taking place.
  • The app will track all contracts to make sure there is no duplication and give a transparent overview of all interactions.
  • Each individual is assessed by everyone in the community to determine the well-being generated by their behavior, money, resources and presence. The positives and negatives are weighed with a goal of five times more positive value to negative value.
  • At the time someone joins their cash will cover:
  • Material needs for one year.
  • $4,000. or more in a clearly outlined transition plan out of the community.
  • A financial strategy with at least two contingency plans for a rapid departure and recovery.
  • An agreement on how/why to leave the community including all protocols that include money.
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