This page has several areas and ways we can participate:

  1. Become informed: Read at least one of each of the books in the "preparation" section and register as an informed participant.
  2. Donate $20. and receive the book 10 X Your life and receive periodic updates on the project.
  3. Help make one of our projects happen below by volunteering to take on one of the specific jobs that is part of preparing the project.
  4. Be a light-house member by donating $500. and participating in the light-house course for founding a community.

Ways to increase your effectiveness as an engaged community member:

  1. Create a video recording set up for as little as $100.
  2. Write a research paper on something you consider meaningful.
  3. Set aside $100. a month or a set amount to further the project.
  4. Write to your local government a sample-letter to find out what your resources are ( ) (sample letter here - link to below letter)

Dear Official XXX,

Raising living standards, helping the environment and lowering cost of living suggests a transfer from single family dwellings to stronger units of social community, with shared common facilities. I'd like to know what provisions the state/county/city has for doing this with minimal beuracracy in group-sizes of 30-150 people, which is the optimal size for such a venture.



  • Research and write/make a video about the twelve most successful communities you can find globally that generate 10 X well-being.
  • Make a list of the top 7 best 100-300 square foot designs for effective low-cost individual dwellings.
  • Find out what is needed for the project to qualify as a non-profit and be tax deductible.
  • Research what a religion of "well-being" would look like.
  • Find 10 different funding models that would work to form such a community.
  • Develop a community design and present it in the format you prefer.
  • Locate three free to low-cost land options anyone could move to.