It takes significant preparation on each of our parts to prepare for 10X community living. Please take the time to invest in your preparation. Consider this preparation necessary for joining this community (it is a self-selecting
process in which those who show up are in) but also a giant step towards a life of more conscious well-being even if you decide not to join or to start your own version of this project.

1. Take the time to read or listen to the media titles on this page. I like listening on audible since it makes multi-tasking easy and fun.

2. Choose a role for yourself from this page (link to roles). Prepare for this role by learning competency in an area needed for community.

3. Be of service: Volunteer! Just e-mail us with how many hours you have, a few things you are good at or want to contribute and you can get started!

4. Save your money: You will need a minimum of $15,000. at the time you come on site (with a source of at least $1,500/monthly income) or a minimum of $50,000 without a source of monthly income at the point you come on site.

5. Invest: There is a period of seven years where cash-flow will be a bottle-neck without a low or no-interest loan. If you wish to make: a) Atax free donation. b) A no-interest loan secured by the ever-improving land. or b) A 2-4% interest-bearing loan secured by the land then share the terms. The amount of cash-flow determines the speed at which we grow and build community amenities, as well as the location of the community. Starting amount is $700,000 with $5million being the  most that we need.