Meaning and purpose is more elusive in a materialistic paradigm in a culture that is so rich with things that de-cluttering is a bigger problem then not having food or shelter. Working hard and making sacrifices just so that we can get a slightly faster phone is too shallow to get a sense of real meaning. We need a sense of clear and compelling purpose that means something or our lives are less meaningful.


  • Give each community member a deep and clear sense of purpose that challenges us to become more, grow and make sacrifices.
  • Create purpose that brings us together, and catalyzes synergy within the community.
  • Create purposes that lead to sustainable well-being.


  • Create a vision and community purpose of every community member making rapid progress on Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
  • Create a vision for an exportable sustainable culture: Something worth bringing to mars.
  • Create a purpose in being a role model for a 10X country that anyone can use worldwide.


  • Measure how much sense of meaning and purpose each member feels weekly.
  • Define the strongest meaning/purpose each member has.
  • Create three clearly defined community purposes:
  • That every community member makes steady progress until all of their needs are met and they have left a lasting global legacy.
  • That every community member avoids unnecessary trauma and heals from that trauma rapidly.
  • That every community member is supported to be their best self.
  • Use the app prompts and reminders to insure:
  • That each question around meaning, connectedness, purpose is first and forefront in every community member's mind.
  • That the community can see a pattern of masking/hiding and engage more directly.
  • That the progress towards these purposes is traceable and that falling behind is met with escalating attention at the buddy, family and entire community level.
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