As we take steps to create a 10X Community a variety of research projects are part of our foundation. In a choice of transparency, this research is shared below.

Please note: Opinion without investment is a possible quagmire for any large project that only a few people are involved in. To avoid that quagmire we can either withhold information about possibilities so that it can not be debated by people without the commitment to invest in the project, or we can limit dialog to those people who show interest with time and money that will offset the diversion into 

This leaves you with a few choices:

First and foremost it is important that you read the dimensions of the project under 10X Design. If you agree with 80% of the direction we are going, then it's probably intelligent for you to join the project since to my knowledge there is no such project on the planet that is aiming for the goals of 10 X Living along these lines. Alternatively, you can copy anything you agree with freely and create your own community project since there is nothing stopping you making a substantial contribution to world culture by doing so. It is of course tempting to let someone else do most of the work and then badger them to tweak that work to our personal taste, but this becomes a liability to any group trying to give birth to something new and fragile.

If you feel aligned, I suggest you do the following:

  1. Donate $1,000. towards the project, which will be credited towards your cost of participation/joining. 
  2. Or donate substantially towards relevant research (10-40 hours on data-based research on what has and has not worked in the areas we are seeking to cover.
  3. Submit any thoughts on how we can improve. Like everything else it will be voted on by people who have "skin in the game." 

This data may be useful to others so I am sharing it here. It also serves as a record on which I anticipate being a five year cycle of bringing this vision into matter.

Dane Rose

" Research on Real Estate Options in the United States"