Approximately 10% of the population is unusually sensitive, consistent with brain responsiveness in a number of mammalian species. This diversity in awareness is an asset to sustainable well-being when honored.


  • Ensure that everyone in the community is aware of the dimension of sensitivity and knows how to respect it, including who has what responsibilities.
  • To create 20% of the locations in the community such that a highly sensitive person (HSP) would enjoy and feel comfortable in them.
  • Benefit from the gifts of sensitivity in the community by offering opportunities for sensitives to communicate their awareness.


  • Have all community members take the HSP test on their app profile.
  • Have each sensitive articulate their sensitivity on the app.
  • Have each sensitive share the community activities that work and don't work for their sensitivity.
  • Invite sensitives to post awarenesses about people and the community in a "sensitive awareness pool"


  • Once a month host a day for sensitives in which they set the tempo, environment etc.
  • On the sensitive day, sensitives share art, poetry, thoughts, stories and dreams that seem to relate to the community.
  • All decisions will be influenced at least 30% by the sensitives in the community who feel deeply about the decision, in this way respecting the fact that sensitives often express the unconscious patterns of community and see things more deeply than non-sensitives.
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