Of all of the senses, one that has the highest concentration of brain relationships is sight, and as such visual beauty is a part of 10X Well-being.


  • That every vista, creation and environment in the community is pleasing to the eye.
  • To develop intimacy through awareness of visual taste with each community member.


  • All utilities are underground, avoiding unsightly cable and electrical wires.
  • A default to round and organic shapes where feasible.
  • All surfaces claimable for art (anyone can paint the revolving compost tube).
  • Shape and flow is a core part of community layout.
  • Curved concrete-type material that is hand shaped/finished as follows:
  • Rebar structure is formed.
  • Welded steel is added and coated where needed for structural support.
  • The entire process is engineered and tested.
  • All utilities are attached to the rebar.
  • Window and door frames are set in the rebar.
  • Clips attach a membrane to the rebar to form an 8" thick wall surface.
  • Foaming concrete is poured into the mold.
  • The mold is either removed or becomes an element in waterproofing and finishing.
  • Waterproofing coatings are then added to this structure and on the inside, plaster or mortar completes the finishes.
  • Radiant heat in most cases avoids unsightly¬†
  • All objects are intended to be objects of beauty and are custom made if need be.
  • Rooftops are partially covered in dirt in most cases.
  • Clothing is based on beauty more than tradition.
  • Food is prepared in aesthetic arrangements.
  • Landscaping is done for year-round interest.
  • Lighting is done adequately for appreciation of night-time beauty and safety - all lights are warm-white.
  • Lighting fixtures are recessed or artistic.
  • The community is designed as a master-plan and as individual spaces, with beauty in mind.


  • Beauty is rated and considered as a dimension of all designs.
  • People vote for a proposed project by rating all dimensions including beauty - the app decides.
  • "Make the community beautiful!" day is celebrated with teams and individuals spending a day making the community look at it's best, with all those projects getting votes of support lasting and the rest being removed within 30 days.
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