Sleep represents 1/3rd of life in most of our lives. In modern life sleep is plagued by insomnia, dishonor for it's potential and is often done in one solid block of time, resulting in the loss of dreams. Most people do not develop their potential to learn from and integrate dreams, lucid dreaming and blend the consciousness of the intuitive side of the psyche with the logical physical side of the psyche.


  • Increase physical health.
  • Increase consciousness about inner states.
  • Optimize one third of our human experience.


  • Invite all those interested to experiment with shorter sleeping times of 3-5 hour blocks and short naps throughout the day as needed.
  • Create a dimly lit dream-temple with art supplies that is always open 24/7 where people can visit any time.
  • Allow time in the community schedule for naps.
  • Prepare night-time snacks with the idea of encouraging smaller, more frequent meals in a 24 hour period.
  • Create a feature in the app: "Share your dreams," to be a place where anyone receiving dreams about the community to share them and everyone wishing to to read them.
  • Host a weekly dream-circle, facilitated by someone who loves dreams to share techniques, experiences and discuss the meaning of their dreams.
  • Rank the quality of sleep in terms of peace, vitality, enjoyment, consciousness and growth on a 1-10 scale, with a goal that is celebrated when 95% of community members rank their sleep at a 7-10.
  • Offer counseling on the quality of sleep and growth in the sleep hours.
  • Provide a silent area in the community four times a day where people can sleep/nap without interruption in group and/or as individuals.
  • Honor in the app the milestones of conscious growth in sleep as follows:
    • "I can sleep peacefully without fear of the unconscious."
    • "I believe in the essential goodness of consciousness and am curious."
    • "I have periodic lucid dreams."
    • "I have healed a meaningful mental/emotional/physical disease in a healing dream and believe this is possible and natural."
    • "I remember at least one dream a day."
    • "I learn something useful as a result of my dreams that I take action on."
    • "I have had at least one shared dream with another person where we both remember the same dream."
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