As one of the five portals of information into the human brain, smell is often neglected in design. 10XLiving includes the goal of exceptional dimensions of smell.


  • No one gets ill through their nose.
  • Avoidance of toxins and noxious fumes in the air.
  • A rich tapestry of scent.


  • All vehicles are electric.
  • All soaps are natural and citrus.
  • Avoiding all artificial fragrances within the community.
  • Three or more unique freshly made food sources (i.e. an Indian restaurant, a Greek restaurant and a bakery) to generate fresh smells.
  • The work-shop is located away and down the prevailing wind from populated areas:
  • Paint and chemicals stocked are non or low-odor wherever possible.
  • Materials are encouraged that don't need painting.
  • Non aerosol materials are used when possible (oil instead of oil in a spray can etc.).
  • Fragrance is incorporated into 20% of the plantings.
  • Aromatherapy is offered as one service in the massage/healing area.
  • Natural organic shampoos are the only soaps/shampoos used in the community.
  • At least once a week a source of fragrance is introduced in one area of the community so that walking by one could be misted with lavender, sage, lemon or a new fragrance.
  • Scented cool towels are available in a fridge at every meal time with at least two varieties of essential oils.


  • Part of joining the community is agreement to abide by the scent guidelines, including all artificial fragrances.
  • All guests visiting the community are given warm damp towels to remove any artificial fragrances and offered a choice of carefully chosen natural fragrances to apply, should they wish to try a new fragrance.
  • Anyone bothered by a scent alerts the app, at which point the following protocol takes place:
  • Is there a toxic or non-natural scent present? If so, people cooperate to remove it.
  • Does the person have an allergic reaction to a natural fragrance?
  • If so the first step is to avoid the terrain if temporary.
  • The next step is hypnosis to remove the trigger/memory around the scent.
  • The next step may be to change the environment to insure that all community members can enjoy the community (replant a fragrant plant with another fragrant plant that does not bother the community member).
  • All new introductions of scent are submitted via the app prior to implementation:
  • "We are planning on putting 40 scented roses of this variety in this area. Could all those people who have asked to be included and have veto over scent please confirm this plan within 24 hours or propose an alternative that meets these criteria..."
  • Any protocols that have already been agreed to must be honored (for example someone who is allergic to a certain lily might make it a required "check" on the checklist of anyone introducing fragrance that it does not contain X Lilly.
  • Plans are proceeded with when all dimensions are considered.
Note: The amount of checklists prior to action sound and may be somewhat burdensome in the context of a spontaneous life. My sense is that with a group of fifty or so people the personal relationships that develop from this manual culture into a new culture will grow to become spontaneous with time and also more intuitive. In this sense the app is similar to training wheels when learning to ride a bike for the first time, and are discarded at some point. The key is 10X Well-being in a clear and measurable way.
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