There are five senses. Sound is one of them. I was recently on an Island where native people built their entire family home from bamboo and $100. in nails. The sound-quality of bird, water, stillness and breeze was higher than any living space I have experienced. Lawn mowers, cell-phones, cars, motorbikes, gas-blowers have all polluted many of our Western dimensions of sound. 10X Living must address 10X Sound.


  • Distinct sound environments with impeccable attunement to purpose.
  • Awareness in every area to the dimension of sound.
  • Attunement to the needs of each community member around sound.


  • Use of high quality speakers, amplification and microphones when needed.
  • Emphasis on smaller spaces and smaller groups with no artificial sound generated.
  • Designing with sound-muffling in mind:
  • A disco/party room constructed underground, entrances facing away from quiet areas, and built with concrete, insulation and to allow for very high volumes not heard elsewhere.
  • An area in nature of complete stillness. Anyone in that area does not talk and it is marked with signs on the path: "You are entering a silent area. Turn back or be still inside."
  • Individual homes are divided into silent areas (shipping containers sound-insulated, hobbit like concrete buildings underground) and more noisy designs (tree houses, yurts, tipis etc.) so that people can choose a level of sound engagement that is comfortable for them.
  • No refrigerators in dining areas to reduce fan noise.
  • Generators, if used, are insulated and preferably underground.
  • There is a noisy social area and a quiet social area.
  • The took workshop is designed away from other spaces and preferably underground in some areas.
  • The choice of land allows for as much natural stillness as possible.
  • All tools and vehicles on the property are electric.
  • Use of headphones is encouraged for personal sounds.
  • Live music without amplification is encouraged.
  • Silence has priority over sound (if someone is in silence, one must ask to make noise with the default being silence).
  • Three rowdy noisy places are designated so that anyone can make a lot of noise in those areas without disturbing others.


  • All cell phones turned to vibrate if worn.
  • No loudspeaker announcements except in emergencies.
  • Signage and app GPS both mark areas of:
  • Silence: No talking or noise except during notified scheduled maintenance (shown on the app).
  • Low volume: Talking, but no music etc.
  • High volume: Anything goes unless otherwise noted (parties would reserve these spaces so that two events would not compete for sound).
  • All new construction has a sound plan that is approved by those affected:
  • "This is how much sound will be generated in these ways at these times.
  • "This is how we will mitigate that sound.
  • "If we disturb someone because this strategy does not work, here is how they can complain and what we will do (an app-alert requesting more quiet is the easiest way)."
  • This is then voted on by all affected.
  • The project does not begin until all affected people approve the sound design.
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