Taste is one of the most delightful human experiences, shared three times a day with friends or in chosen solitude.


  • That all allergies are first worked with in hypnosis and that what remains is honored.
  • That the diet brings about wholeness and vitality in the community.
  • All food is organic and much is grown on site.


  • Everyone is allergy tested if they have not already been.
  • Hypnosis is encouraged to reduce all allergies to increase community participation.
  • All remaining allergies are noted.
  • All members list their all time favorite foods and how to prepare it.
  • A menu is created that people participate in creating.
  • Everyone has the option to cook their own food if the main fare is not to their taste.
  • Cheffing for another community member is one possible exchange of value.
  • There are four kitchens, each which can operate independently.
  • Everyone learns to cook at least three dishes, thus enhancing the presence and meaning of food.
  • Edibles are incorporated into the aesthetic landscape so that people can sample fresh picked food:
  • Mint
  • Blueberries
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Stone fruits
  • Melons
  • Fresh greens
  • Celantro
  • There is a beautiful (probably circular) garden that is a working, socializing and sitting area in which much of the community's food is grown, which has an indoor solarium feature.
  • The edible garden is laid out beautifully
  • An mentee/exchange program allows four people to visit and learn about and assist in the community at any point for camping and community meals, thus helping the community grow food and helping people study community life. Mentees are chosen through the app process.
  • A menu is developed that works 75% with seasonal and stored supplies:
  • All greens are freshly grown indoors and out.
  • All canned fruits are canned on the property.
  • A root cellar stores carrots, apples etc. throughout the year.
  • There is a year-round garden planting program.
  • All teas and most spices are produced on site.
  • Juices and jams are prepared on site.
  • A number of one of a kind tastes are created to innovate and make local food delicious.

  • One to four people do all the community food ordering, responding to the app-generated menu.
  • Anyone can request personal food be ordered with community food.
  • While the community as a whole focuses on sustainability, any community member who feels strongly about specific food for some reason can order it and cook it themselves and share it, while noting such in the app.
  • The entire food ordered and consumed is shown on the app for the community.

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