There is an archetypal/mythological dimension that has guided humanity for tens of thousands of years as a result of telling stories that map out the inner journey of consciousness through the domains in our inner landscape. This has been lost or transferred to video games, comics and archetypal films, all of which are more isolating than sharing a story and telling a story around a fire.


  • Teach the ritual of story telling to all who feel called to tell stories.
  • Bypass the consumption-only protocol of current media by facilitating the live telling of stories.
  • Create intuitive maps through the inner landscape for every community members by living through the stories that gave rise to and reflect cultures throughout history.


  • Have a time and a place daily in the evening in which at least 45 minutes of stories are told by community members.


  • A place and time is designated in the community for story telling at least six days a week and maybe seven.
  • People sit in a circle around the story teller.
  • Anyone can volunteer to tell any story, including what it means to them personally, simply by picking an open day on the app and listing themselves as the story teller for that evening.
  • The app will alert the entire community "We need a story teller for tonight" if come the morning no story teller has signed up, reminding people to register.
  • Story telling shows up on the community calendar and anyone can attend, free of charge, some time after dinner, at a time shown on the calendar.
  • When cold and where possible the story-telling is done around a fire.
  • Anyone can nominate stories they would love to listen to as one resource for storytelling to be draw from.
  • The community will keep in it's paper library twenty or more volumes of myths, legends and stories from around the world to draw from.​
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