Few things shape a culture as much as the allocation of time to a given goal or the rhythm of time.


  • That all time is spent synergistically increasing both the individual and community's well-being.
  • That time is spent in the way that creates the most well-being for the least amount of energy.
  • That time is allocated equally throughout our human needs in areas that enrich heart, mind and body.
  • That the community synchronize in a way that respects each person's rhythms.


  • Each person spends four hours a day generating cash-flow and being of service to create money for self and the community.
  • Each person spends four hours a day to enriching the community in a way that helps everyone including each individual.
  • Each person spends four hours a day doing whatever most serves their well-being as an individual, either alone, with a partner or in community.
  • Inputting well-being data so the app can correlate well-being generated per minutes invested. This will allow the app to recommend areas in our lives to invest more time.
  • Regularly audit and remove the most unsatisfying uses of time, suggested by the app.
  • Make this information transparent through the app so that we can partner with one another to engage in ways that are rich and avoid unsatisfying areas.
  • People will spell out their ideal rhythm for a hike, a conversation, a massage etc. so that there can be both a compromise at times (taking turns to do an activity at the optimum speed and duration for the other or always meeting in the middle) and also the ability to pair up in ways that fit both people's rhythm; as in: two people who both like three hour hikes consciously getting together so that they can enjoy an event in a time-frame that is satisfying for them.


  • Every day, and then periodically as needed, each person notes down each activity in the day, and how much well-being is likely to occur as a result of that behavior.
  • All community members can check out the highs and lows of every other member to support them in improving well-being.
  • The app will help people partner synergistically to connect around peak-value activities.
  • The actual time spent by each community member may vary based on:

  • Opportunities to spend a third of a year on deep personal passions and bucket lists might be followed by a third of the year working eight hours a day to generate cashflow and four hours a day helping the community. 
  • The app tracks overall imbalances over time and after any given cycle or opportunity, suggests moving towards balance with the next choice.
  • It is also true that the very young and very old may have a different ratio.
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