The human experience is divided up into thoughts, feelings and physical sensations, the most intense of which is human touch. Human touch accesses deep biological codes within the body which shape much of the way we feel and therefore think about others. In Western culture when we see someone, smell someone, touch them and listen to their voice we activate biological connections in our body that strongly influence how empathic or sociopathically we connect with said person.


  • To understand and teach the role human touch plays in creating sustainable, healthy relationships and a 10X life.
  • To partner with our deep biological programs to build sustainable trust and empathy at effective levels.
  • To create the feelings of security, safety and pleasure in community through touch.
  • To avoid re-traumatizing or traumatizing a community member with unwanted touch.


  • The best science is gathered on the impact of touch on human relationships, starting with our Monkey ancestors.
  • Each person's touch-preferences are noted in their app profile and their level at which those preferences are met are measured daily, weekly and monthly.
  • We consciously partner as a community to support each member of the community in connecting in a healthy and mutually satisfying way on a touch dimension.
  • Every community member is asked to become trauma-literate and to become conscious of any touch-memories that might trigger trauma if un-healed:
  • ​​Reading The Body Keeps the Score.
  • Noting messages they have received culturally that shame them around touch.
  • Noting all traumatic experiences that involve touch.
  • Using EMDR to clear some of these.
  • Using Hypnosis to heal old wounds.
  • Voicing preferences, fears and boundaries - as well as sensitivities.
  • Staying aware of trauma triggers and asking for support if any of the following occur:
  • ​​Dissociation
  • Freezing
  • Wanting to run
  • Wanting to attack
  • Establishing a safe-person to help with traumatic terrain, chosen by the individual.
  • Agreeing to a trauma-protocol in the event any person experiences a triggering experience, however unintentional.
  • Sensuality and sexuality are de-coupled, such that it is clear that hand-holding does not mean sexual foreplay unless both people agree on that goal etc.
  • Homophobia is consciously broken down so that men can connect with other men sensually without shame at a level of intensity that is safe and comforting to both men without needing sexual overtones.
  • Contact improv dance is hosted in community space as a discipline at least once a month.
  • Acro-yoga is taught/practiced in community space at least once a week.
  • A community cuddle-area is created for non-sexual cuddling:
  • A small designated area is designated as "The Cuddling Space."
  • Anyone open to cuddling or wanting to cuddle can enter the space.
  • The space has at least 10 social games, as well as a large screen for movies.
  • A monthly cuddle workshop is hosted to teach communication and boundaries around cuddling.
  • Anyone can put out an app alert: "I need cuddling 1-10? Who will meet me in the cuddling area?"
  • Everyone gets the alert and can respond, with more detailed requests being noted such as: "A safe male I'm not attracted to who can hold my tears" so that the many types and intentions around touch can be accommodated. 
  • ​​Seven second hugs are encouraged for each community member three times a day to engage Oxytocin.


  • Every community member attends a touch-orientation workshop as they join the community.
  • Every member reads at least two books that bring awareness to the touch dimension and it's positive and destructive potential.
  • Every community member goes through a trauma-clearing protocol they feel is effective prior to deepening touch relationships in the community.
  • The commitment of any person engaging touch is to respond to the needs of the person they touch at a level that respects the feelings and needs that touch evokes: The person with the deepest emotion sets the pace and level of engagement. In areas that is not possible, the need is held by the community as a whole until the person with need feels centered and can hold their own energy without shock, abandonment or trauma-triggers. This is a deep philosophy in the community that honors the feminine in both men and women, and with it the sensitive personas in each individual.
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