• To facilitate transcendent energy in the community.
  • To keep the culture alive.
  • To provide a container for what does not fit into mundane world.


  • Create a holy-day and ritual for every aspect of the psyche.
  • To give permission for energy and expression not "appropriate" for the mundane of daily life.

Twenty Rituals, 20 Holy Days Spaced Sundays throughout the Year:

1) Halloween: As part of the shadow exploration in the community each person embodies some part of themselves that is not typically acceptable and expresses that throughout the day. And as part of that we prepare a container by people explaining what that part is and expressing it, along with any precautions being taken that need to be, using the app.

2) Promiscuity Day: One day a year anyone over the age of fifteen can explore and express sexual interest in anyone else in a circle of lust:

  • A circle is formed.
  • Someone steps into the circle.
  • "Inappropriate" love is expressed.
  • And it is given a moment to be received.
  • A ritual is developed to build and hold energy.

3) The Pink Elephant Circle:

  • Someone shy and innocent of any age is chosen.
  • They walk the circle.
  • Each person takes the shape of an energy not owned and named in the community.
  • Anyone who wants to can talk to that energy.
  • That energy can talk to anyone in the circle.
  • It seeks a home.
  • It looks for integration and resolution.

4) The Joy and Partnering Game:

  • Everyone works together to create a joy script early in the morning.
  • At breakfast there is a circle.
  • The papers of the joy script pass around the group so everyone gets one with a name. 
  • Their job is to help that person create their joy dream.
  • Then there is a celebration of success later that day on film.

5) The Uninvited Gift is Welcomed:

  • A circle is gathered.
  • An incantation is made to honor the un-named gift.
  • Up to four people step into the circle.
  • Each tunes in to the energy of the gift.
  • The gift then expresses itself through them.
  • The community absorbs the energy of the gift.
  • Each person changed by the gift steps forward and receives it.
  • The blessing is complete.

6) Appreciation:

  • Each person makes a list of ten things they appreciate and gives them out to the community throughout the day.
  • There is a feast of delightful food.
  • There is a film shown of what people appreciate.
  • Everyone watches the film.

7) New Year New Birth:

  • Everyone creates a symbol of what they want to burn and let go of.
  • Everyone creates a sense of something they want to give birth to.
  • There is a great bon fire of celebration to release things.
  • "I let go of X and I embrace Y" and cheers.

8) Play and be a Child:

  • Each person picks an inner age.
  • Each person picks a memory.
  • Each person plays in some way. 
  • People submit fantasy plays on the app and anyone wishing to help can do so.
  • In general it is a time to behave like a child consciously, and in so doing, make it more conscious when we are an adult or a child emotionally.

9) Divine Archetypal Embodiment:

  • Each person creates a mask and whatever level of costume they wish to wear.
  • Each person announces their deity on the app so there is some tendency to avoid everyone channeling the same energy.
  • Each person defines their role to some extent so that everyone knows what to expect.
  • There are 20% of people who stay "human" in every game and then in the living of the day the deities interact with the humans.

10) Healing with the Divine:

  • Three people are chosen for healing by nominating themselves and being accepted for healing by 60% of the people.
  • Each person describes the diagnosis physically, emotionally and mentally, as well as it's origin.
  • Each person describes their break with the divine.
  • Twelve members of the community will meet in secret and prepare a magic ritual for one or more of the people.
  • The community will participate in the service of the others.
  • The healing will be honored over the next seven days as people see changes.

11) Creating Romance: Valentine's Day Sunday

  • Everyone puts their name randomly in a love object created by one of the artists.
  • Everyone does a love ritual.
  • Everyone draws a name.
  • Everyone sings, dances and welcomes excitement into the group.
  • Everyone who picks a name does something secret for their valentine.
  • The person shares their experience of receiving the gift.

12) The Creativity with Sensuality Celebration:

  • Twenty people volunteer (or are chosen from the app) to prepare sensuous feasts of scent, taste.
  • They prepare a party for everyone to come and experience color, sound, temperature and food.
  • There is blindfolded feeding and feathers.
  • There is dancing, singing and sensual performance.

13) Grieving and Venting:

  • As dinner and lunch are served, a stage is prepared.
  • Anyone who wants to can get up and vent about things.
  • Everyone claps and celebrates the venting.
  • People can also say: "Poor me...."
  • And the audience shouts back: "Poor you..."

14) Dreaming and Visioning:

  • Everyone prepares a dream or vision about the community.
  • They post them on the app.
  • People who get the top votes get to recite them at dinner.
  • Everyone takes one action to make a dream come true.

15) The Great Competition:

  • Three captains are elected to design a game with three groups of people.
  • The app divides the community up into three groups.
  • Everyone plays the game all day.
  • The team who wins the game wins a prize.
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