Western culture has introduced the word, and thus idea of waste. In a compartmentalized protocol, a goal is created that is viewed as "separate" from the larger ecology, just as Western culture conceptualizes individuals as separate from the ecology that gives them air, food, water, technology, resources, energy and everything else humans have ever known. In this method of thinking the goal is achieved more "efficiently" by ignoring the impact of the goal and it's accomplishment on the larger framework. 

It is this lack of comprehensive, integrative and complex thinking that leads to the idea of "waste." After something or someone has served a very narrow and often short-term purpose, and in a framework where something has no value if it has no value to the narrow-minded goal, it must then be gotten rid of. Few things feel more hurtful, more de-humanizing when this happens professionally or otherwise. Few things are more problematic than the idea of waste, which tolerates a level of simplistic thinking that nature cannot afford in a sustainable ecology. In nature there is no waste; only a process of one form of energy transforming into another more complex form of energy indefinitely in a sustainable circle.


  • Transform the definition of "garbage" from "that which is unwanted and remained after a specific objective is obtained" to "an illusion in human brains that creates the possibility of harvesting under-valued resources and returning them to the ecology in a valuable form."
  • Eliminate all waste from the community going to a land fill.
  • Pioneer and publish new ways to transform materials.


  • Dedicate a single person to the role of transforming all waste into useful resources and publishing these ideas/protocols and presenting changes to the community.
  • All food is composted on site or fed to animals.
  • All energy is generated on site to avoid polluting the environment.
  • All vehicles are electric and carpooling is encouraged.
  • A plastic not recycled municipally is used by an on-site shredder that creates:
  • Insulation.
  • Packing materials.
  • fiber-mesh for insulation and making particle or plastic covered boards.
  • Water-tight membranes for houses.
  • To be carbon-neutral over a lifetime by both buying rain-forests and planting trees on the land and monitoring carbon output.
  • Minimizing unnecessary transportation by providing needs on site such as:
  • Hair-dressing.
  • Dining/baking.
  • Bathing.
  • Media consumption via internet.
  • Video-conferencing.
  • Fun activities.
  • At any given moment showing an energy monitor on the app to indicate when we are spending more resources than we generate and when we are generating more resources than we consume.
  • Someone in the community focuses on repairing things, which is preferable to throwing something away when something breaks.
  • Tracking the energy output and resource output of all projects.
  • Contributing to the research and development that takes difficult things to recycle and transform them into positive things.
  • Building things with recycling in mind. 
  • Every school child will participate in the recycling/waste project by reducing waste in the community and recycling things.


  • All things brought on the land are accounted for using the app.
  • The recycling specialist in the community will provide a rating for the product if it is not known and provide template ratings for known things.
  • A breakdown of all ingredients used in all things and their manufacture process will be accounted for.
  • All community projects that help generate healthy air are monitored to off-set all purchases.
  • Any time someone wants to get rid of a useful item they: a) List it as free and put it in the free community area. b) List it as having a price and when anyone buys it the item goes off-line immediately when someone claims it and a contract is agreed to that includes immediate credit or cash exchange or agreed terms.
  • Every person has a sustainability rating.
  • When purchasing anything over a certain amount, each person will provide three ways to dispose of it/recycle it.
  • Every student is asked yearly to contribute to energy recycling in a variety of forms and study impact.
  • Every year the community will receive updates on the garbage status and awards and penalties will be given to the three worst offenders and the three most conscientious energy people.
  • All things we don't know what to do with will be sorted and stock-piled in the community and anyone can use the materials for art, raw-material, recycling and the like.
  • All soda's made on site and served in washable glass, using carbonation and natural flavors to eliminate cans/bottles, lower costs and create unique drinks.
  • Materials are sorted into:

  • Left-over chemicals/paints that anyone can use in a chemical storage shipping container.
  • All metals, used for concrete reinforcement, welding, art and occasionally re-casting.
  • All compost, which is transformed for the kitchen garden using a rapid composting process that makes excellent soil.
  • All sewage is recycled on the property using a variety of protocols.
  • All drainage water is harvested during winter and used for irrigation in summer.
  • Batteries and the like that can go back to the manufacturer.
  • Paper, which can be recycled in the municipal system and used for any community purpose - magazines and books are encouraged to be digital.
  • Clothing, which is encouraged to be all cotton and composted.
  • Shoes can be re-purposed as art shoes, composted as leather, and shredded for insulation as synthetic fabrics.
  • Gray-water encourages soaps that break-down easily and goes through a reed-bed system prior to becoming irrigation water.
  • Non-cotton clothing that can be added to plastics for insulation by running it through the shredder. 
  • All wood is saved/re-used, for celebratory fires, heating and art.
  • Tin cans are discouraged (glass on-site-storage preferred) washed, recycled municipally, and sometimes made into wind-breaks or fences.
  • Bicycle and vehicle parts are left for re-manufacture. 
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